The Hong Kong Electrical Contractors' Association (HKECA) was incorporated in 1976. We have over 900 members, including electrical & electronic contractors, electrical & electronic products suppliers, and individual members who work in the field. With our vast membership base, we are the organization that can most represent the Electrical Contracting Industry in Hong Kong.

The operation of the Association is managed by the Executive Committee Members, who volunteered their time for the good of the Association. The Executive Committee provides various services and assistance to members, including training and dissemination of the industry's latest news.

HKECA has been working hard to improve the industry technically and professionally. We periodically organize seminars and training courses to update members' skills and knowledge. We also share our experiences and exchanges information with overseas industry members by participating in other local and international trade associations, and sending delegation teams overseas to learn and communicate with electrical contractors from different regions.

Locally, HKECA serves as a bridge between members and various organizations such as legislative authorities, public organizations, academic bodies, and other members of the construction industry. We represent the Electrical industry, pronounce the industry's viewpoints, and strive to protect the industry's interests and rights.


香港電器工程商會成立於 1976 年,乃本港電氣工程業界最具代表性的團體。本會現有在冊會員逾 900 名,包括各類電氣及電子工程承辦商、電器電子材料供應商、及電氣從業員等個人身份會員。




Our Mission

To enhance the relationship between members, and to encourage technical and knowledge sharing.
To promote quality products and works in the electrical field.
To build up members' technical know how and professionalism.
To encourage potential students in joining the electrical contracting.
To represent the industry in reflecting the industry's viewpoints, protect its interests, and safeguard its rights.
To facilitate the overall development of the Hong Kong Electrical Industry.