Emil Yu, President (2017-2019)

I am deeply honored to be entrusted by the members of our association elected as 21st President of the association and re-elected as the 22nd President.   Please rest assure that I will perform my utmost dedication to the future development of Hong Kong Electrical Contractors’ Association.  Together, with members’ support, we shall work to grow our association, protect members’ right and further strive to secure greater growth of business opportunities in Hong Kong. 

Last year, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of our association.  The success of the association is because of Hong Kong's prosperity and stability in the past four decades, as well as the unity of Hong Kong people and the Government, making Hong Kong one of the world's financial and trade centers.   It was fortunate that our past presidents, as well as senior members of executive committee, provided great leadership and foresight lead to the strong foothold of our association and good reputation in the E&M industry today.  I must thank them for their contribution.  On the occasion of the 40th anniversary celebration event, I must thank the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Mr. CT Chow, and the members for their hard work, especially Dr. FC Chan for organizing the 40 year history memoir with videos.  

The future success of our industry is still dependent on the prosperity of Hong Kong and the success of the Hong Kong government in implementing its policy. The planning of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government “2030+” painted a great prosperity of our E&M industry going forward. Under the leadership of the Development Bureau and the Transport and Housing Bureau, there will be a series of infrastructure and housing developments to be constructed in the next decade.  This will provide great business opportunities for our industry as well the construction industry as a whole.  Most importantly, the filibustering in the Legislation Council must stop.  We need legislators that are really looking after our livelihood and for the well-being of Hong Kong.   Let us all work together to promote a better corporate citizenship and social harmony in the society and build a better environment for our future generations in Hong Kong.  

Occupational health and safety are an integral part of our daily life, accident free is the key to sustainable development as well as the livelihood of electrical contractors. Our training committee will continue to build up our technical knowledge through different lectures to disseminate best practice engineering knowledge to practitioners. I would like to remind you, as the industry stakeholders, industrial safety with zero accident shall remain as our goal. In recent years, whenever an unfortunate accident occurred, colleagues from the HKSAR Government issued safety alert for knowledge sharing and lesson learned.  The most important objective was to do a good risk assessment practice and safety measures.  It should be imbedded in our own day to day behaviour.  Looking ahead, our team will continue to build close relationships with stakeholders and encourage technology and knowledge sharing among the practitioners.  

Hong Kong Electrical Contractors’ Association shall continue to strengthen our skills and networks for representing the interests of our members to reflect the concerns of our industry and safeguard our rights. In the coming years, the association will also continue to seek the industry's legislation on the Construction Industry “Security of Payment” Ordinance and the mechanism for obtaining a fluctuation of copper prices in the Development Bureau’s projects to reduce the risk during tendering period.  

With the help of newly elected council members and the blessing from our predecessors, we shall continue to move the association forward with the new era of challenges brought about by the opportunities and momentum in the current government administration. With the unfailing support of the executive council team along with our members, I am confidence that together we can build and create a better environment to ensure our future success in the E&M trade. 

YU Chen On Emil

President (2017-2019)

Hong Kong Electrical Contractors’ Association Limited